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The Science and Efficacy of Nondominant-Side Swings for Club Head Velocity

Read the entire article by Tyler Standifird: excerpt: "Within the last few years,...

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The Speed Focused Modern Game

Speed has been important on the tour for the better part of a...

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The *New 2021* PRGR Launch Monitor

Building on the success of the original HS-120A Launch Monitor, Japanese equipment manufacturer...

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How Swing Speed is Winning Major Championships

Aside from winning championships, Jon Rahm and Phil Mickelson are both focused one...

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How Swing Speed Training Helped Phil Mickelson Win the PGA Championship

The game of golf on the PGA Tour has changed drastically in the...

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MyGolfSpy SuperSpeed Member Testing: Final Results

Read the entire comprehensive article HERE. "Whether the relationship is correlative or causal,...

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Adaptation of Overload Underload Training for the Modern Game

What is Overload Underload Training and why should one add it to a...

Read More 2020 Holiday Gifts for Improvement

Click here to read this article featuring SuperSpeed Golf as a gift for...

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