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Common Speed Training Mistakes with SuperSpeed Golf

Common Speed Training Mistakes with SuperSpeed Golf

"On Episode 125 of the Fitness For The Fairways podcast, Joe sat down with Mike Napolean and Tyler Standifird of SuperSpeed Golf.

Everyone wants more distance off the tees, and increasing clubhead speed is the primary way to do this.

But there are a few misconceptions and mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to Overspeed training, and that is what today’s podcast episode is diving into!

What you’ll learn from this episode.

  • Common mistakes golfers make when it comes to speed training
  • How to train for increased clubhead speed
  • Deceleration vs Acceleration

Ask Joe Segment

  • How has my game changed since using SuperSpeed
  • What is my favorite muscle in the body


Check out our previous episode to learn more about speed gains!
Ep 87: The Science of Speed Training with SuperSpeed Golf"

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