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SuperSpeed Golf News

Scratch Golf Academy: SuperSpeed Golf Review

 "This video is a Super Speed Golf Review. The Super Speed Golf Training...

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A 6-week study of golfers found this 1 change helped golfers gain 8 mph

Read the entire article HERE. "The study followed 15 golfers, who ranged in...

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Common Speed Training Mistakes with SuperSpeed Golf

"On Episode 125 of the Fitness For The Fairways podcast, Joe sat down with...

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How this 48 year-old PGA Tour player went from back pain to 120 mph

Read the entire Golf Digest article:  HERE "Greg Chalmers has been cashing checks...

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Why Am I Not Gaining Swing Speed?

We believe that all players can increase their Club Head Speed. But we...

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Long term SuperSpeed Golf training - what to really expect

"Fourteen weeks ago I started a golf fitness journey to see how much...

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The best holiday gifts to give (or get) from the GOLF Pro Shop

"The holidays are upon us! With that comes holiday shopping. When it comes...

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2021 GolfWRX Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Golfer Looking to Improve

Read the entire Gift Guide HERE "The GolfWRX Holiday Gift Guide was created...

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