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SuperSpeed Golf News

GOLFALOT PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

Read the entire review here: Excerpt: It’s just so easy to use and,...

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Driving Range Heroes: PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

Read the entire review here: "As recent as ten years ago, the idea...

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Jon Perkins: Will Force Pedals really increase your clubhead speed?

Recently I ended Level 1 SuperSpeed Golf training and saw great clubhead speed...

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Increase your club head speed with The Force Pedal and Mike Adams

The Force Pedal is a unique training aid designed to help all golfers...

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Golf Unfiltered PRGR Ball Launch Monitor Review

Read the Full Review Here:"SuperSpeed Golf is best known for their speed...

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Jon Perkins: What SuperSpeed Golf Training did to my clubhead speed in 6 weeks?

Six weeks ago I started a golf fitness journey to see how much...

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How Fast Should I Swing My SuperSpeed Clubs?!

We hope this chart above provides you with baseline information to keep in mind when you start your SuperSpeed training! Remember that these numbers will vary from player to player. If you warm up before training, follow our outlined protocols and train with max effort, you will see your numbers increase in training and on the course! Happy Training! #Unleashyourspeed Read More

Can an Amateur gain 30 yards in 3 weeks?!

The Team at Me and My Golf take an average Golfer Andy through a 3 week training program including the SuperSpeed Golf Overspeed Golf Training System where they look to help him increase his drives by 30 yards! Sounds crazy right? With the right approach, it might not be as hard as you think! Read More

SWING U Review: SuperSpeed Golf Training System"Being located in the Midwest, we get a few chances in the shoulder...

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