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SuperSpeed Golf News

New Review: The new PRGR launch monitor - It can do something TRACKMAN can't!!

"The new PRGR launch monitor can do something that Trackman can't but as...

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Webinar: How to Improve Ground Reaction Forces

Learn more about SuperSpeed | The Force Pedal by clicking the photo below....

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2021 PRGR Launch Monitor | Plugged In Golf Review

Read the entire Review: Here “My experience with the new version was very...

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How this amateur gained 7 mph in 6 weeks

Six weeks ago, I started out on a journey to see how much...

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How a PGA Tour player gained 20 yards

Hi, it's Piers Ward from Me and My Golf. I wanted to share...

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Unleashing Speed for Juniors

In the eight years since the launch of SuperSpeed Golf Training System, we...

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Michael Newton Golf: How we gained 10 extra yards with driver!

"We take a look how we gained fellow PGA Professional Andrew 10 extra...

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Michael Newton Golf: SPEED TRAINING With A Special Guest!

"I've been given a mission from a special guest to increase his clubhead...

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GolfShake: New 2021 PRGR Launch Monitor From SuperSpeed Golf Review

"With that added confidence, I have also been also to use the PRGR...

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