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SuperSpeed Golf News

Science of Speed: Fitness For The Fairways podcast

What you’ll learn from this episode. The science behind why speed training actually...

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Me and My Golf Podcast Featuring SuperSpeed Golf

Piers managed to gain 3 mph in club head speed in 6 weeks...

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Plugged In Golf Review of the PRGR Launch Monitor

Read this thorough review of the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor from Plugged...

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TeeTalk Podcast Ep. 99 - SuperSpeed Golf

In this podcast, the TeeTalk crew from Flagstick.com discusses the origins of Overspeed...

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Rick Shiels: Gain 20 yards in 6 weeks?

Check out the latest video from Rick Shiels PGA as he attempts to...

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Northeast Golf Magazine Review

Greg Sampson of Northeast Golf says tis' the time for some investment in...

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Maine Golf Talk: SuperSpeed Golf

To celebrate their 50th episode Maine Golf Talk sat down with SuperSpeed Golf...

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2nd Swing Golf Review: Week 4 Update

Click here to watch this video. Watch the full Dynamic Warm Up Here....

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2nd Swing Golf Week 3 SuperSpeed update

Click here to watch this video.SuperSpeed Golf OverSpeed Training allows golfers to gain up...

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