Heel Stomp Basics

Heel Stomp Basics

The Heel Stomp drill is another very important piece of the SuperSpeed Golf Overspeed training system. Included in the Level 2 SuperSpeed protocol, we find combining the Heel Stomp drill with our Step Drill (click here to learn more about the Step Drill) gives SuperSpeed users a very clear understanding of how their lower-body and footwork can generate more club head speed in the golf swing.

The Heel Stomp drill focuses specifically on the very start of the downswing. We know that some golf instructors and certain golf tips that you read tell you to not lift your lead heel in the backswing. We believe there is no one correct way to swing the golf club, as every golfer has very different swing characteristics surrounding their swing, their body, etc. This particular drill is not meant as technical golf swing advice but rather how to develop speed skills which may require you to perform movements that do not normally occur in your golf swing. It is important for players to train speed and their technical golf swing separately. While some players have an understanding on how to use their Lead Foot, they might always use it effectively during the downswing. Other struggle to understand how the Lead Foot can help not only create power, but stabilize that power through the golf swing. This drill can help players develop the desired feel to maximize their power potential in the golf swing. 

Frequently asked questions about the Heel Stomp:

Keep in mind that results will always vary from player to player. Use these answers as a guide to help identify where  power leaks may occur and how you can solve them using this drill.

  • What is the difference between the Heel Stomp drill and the Step Change Drill?
    • The step change drill is a more Dynamic movement that addresses both sequencing in the golf swing and moving weight from trail leg to lead leg. The heel stomp drill is specifically targeting the lead foot at the start of the downswing.
  • What does it mean if my heel stomp swings are slower than my normal SuperSpeed swings?
    •  If your heel stomp swings are slower than your standing SuperSpeed swings you may have an opportunity to increase speed by optimizing the way you load into your lead leg in the downswing. Players who have slower heel stomp swings tend to have an upper body dominant swing and the step drill can help improve your overall sequencing which will often translate into more Club head speed
  • What does it mean if my heel stomp swings are faster than my normal SuperSpeed swings?
    • If your heel stomp speeds are faster than your standing swings then that is telling us that you were using your lower body properly while completing the drill. Great job, keep it up! This might also mean that you've developed a trigger that you can save for the next time you and your playing partners bet on who can hit the longest drive ;) 
  • How do I know if I'm doing the Heel Stomp correctly?
    •  Please review the video below to confirm if you're completing the Heel Stomp properly

Potential pitfalls for completing the Heel Stomp Drill:

  • Some players are afraid to lift their heel off the ground because it doesn't feel natural to them. As mentioned above this drill is specifically targeting the skill of speed. We would encourage you to make your best effort to lift your heel off the ground early in the backswing to ensure that you can maximize your Stomp and generate the most power you can in the downswing.
  • The Stomping Motion in the heel stomp drill should be aggressive. You want to think that there is a can under your lead heal and when you stomp you want to crush that can. If you want to feel the movement before starting, make a backswing and hold the club at the top of the backswing and just stomp your lead heel down. You should feel and hear the sound of your lead heel stomping into the ground. The more aggressive that you can make this stomp the better! 


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