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Father's Day Speed Accessory Bundle

Father's Day Speed Accessory Bundle

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If you already have our three club training system, this is the perfect complimentary bundle to start seeing even more speed and distance gains. This bundle comes with our C Club, Force Pedal Pack, and the SuperSpeed Squeeze grip strength trainer.

C Club: C stands for counterweight. By moving mass behind the player's hands, we are able to reduce the resistance of the club head releasing around impact, helping the golfer to train maximum arm/hand and release speed in their golf swing.

SuperSpeed Squeeze: Now, with the introduction of the SuperSpeed Squeeze, you can easily improve your grip strength leading to more control, consistency, and speed. The SuperSpeed Squeeze is easy to use fitting over the grip on your own golf club. Follow our simple and effective training protocol to see huge gains in grip strength in as little as 4 weeks of regular training.

Force Pedals: Using the ground well in the golf swing is one of the key differences between the best players in the world and most amateur golfers. The Force Pedals were created by some of the top minds in the golf industry who specifically study how golfers interact with the ground. This complicated science of ground reaction forces has been simplified into a simple, easy to use training program to help all golfers use the ground more efficiently.

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